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School Manager is a cloud based school management software developed by an IT company which has industry experience of more than 15 years.

The application is fully customizable to adapt to the specific needs of every institution with little bit of modifications. This means that the application can be easily used irrespective of the affiliation of the school to any particular board, or the curriculum it might be following.

The application is built using the latest technology which helps it become robust & secured. Apart from keeping the application and its data secured, it runs on https protocol to add to its security features.

The application is role based and access rights defined for each user by the admin, which makes the data secured as no unauthorized person has access to sections beyond his permitted scope.

It is a user friendly application, which brings in the school management, its teaching & non-teaching staff along with the parents under a single platform.

It helps the school administrative & accounting staff to manage day to day activities at the click of a button, thus enabling the school management to deliver results more productively.

School Manager covers all the modules that any software would need to meet the needs of an institution to manage its activities in the most efficient manner.

A user can adapt to the functionalities available within the application with only a little bit of training by our experienced technical support team.

The parents also find the application very useful, as they get all the information about their child in the same application, right from the progress report, attendance, payment of fees online, fee receipts, outstanding dues, events during a particular academic year etc. This saves their precious time in not having to visit the school to enquire about the performance of their ward.

Another add on feature, is its adaptability to the device the user logs in from, which gives the user ease of operation while accessing the application & its features.

Along with the implementation of the application, we also provide designing & maintenance of the school website to help keep all the information up to date.

Some new features, are in the way of getting implemented, and would be available to schools who are using our application without any extra cost. This has been possible because of the architecture of the application, and its hosting on the cloud.

Along with the above, there are more modules which can be integrated with the School ERP software.
The application can be linked to any existing domain / sub domain of the school if required, thus syncing it with existing school website if any. This helps the school staff & parents relate to the application as a part of the existing system, and not something which is totally unheard of / unknown to them.

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What We Offer

School ERP Software Solution

Customized solution to manage the data of students as well as the teaching & non-teaching staff under a single platform

School Website Development

Design & mainatin the school website to keep all the information upto date. Sync relevant information between the website & the software.

Communication Portal

School Manager helps in reaching out to the parents & the school staff whenever required. Any information required to be passed on reaches in seconds.

Technical Support

Need Help !!
We are always there for support 24/7 to the school administrative staff & the parents, in case they get stuck up somewhere.

Why School Manager

Amazing Features & Options

Admin Module

Lets the admin set user rights & privileges

Student Module

Maintain the students data on the go

Fee Module

Manage the fee collected, accrued & outstanding

Exam Module

All the exam related information is mainatained

SMS Module

Send out information whenever required

Attendance Module

Keep the students attendance upto date online

Discover School Manager. It’s easier than you think.

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